merry christmas!


Well... Yesterday. Does anyone really write blog posts ON Christmas, I mean like other than people that are actually payed to do so? Well, not me. I was too busy enjoying my family and being cozy inside because our Christmas was a White one through and through. Get it? White because I'm a White and white because it snowed 5 inches Christmas Eve night and even more Christmas morning? No? Oh... Well, I though it was funny. Here are the pictures I actually did take Christmas. 

 ^^My super awesome sis-in-law, Anna, made me this beautiful blanket because she had made another sis-in-law of mine one like it in green for her baby and I just mentioned once that I loved it and thought it was beautiful. THEN, a few months ago she sent me a picture of this beauty getting started!! WHAT! I was beside myself with excitement. She gifted it to me Christmas morning and, ask anyone, I was just a bit excited about it! It's perfect and I love it. Thanks Anna!!
 ^^ My other super awesome sis-in-law, Emily, made me these two beauties. Her husband, Bryan, drew my name for the sibling gift swap and for the longest time I wasn't sure what I wanted for Christmas. I was really excited that Bryan drew my name because I knew if I asked for something handmade from Em, odds are she would make me something. One day, she posted a picture on Instagram of her starting another weaving (so cool, right?) and right away I knew that's what I wanted for Christmas. When I opened it and also saw the hat, I couldn't have been happier. YES, she made both and is so cool. I LOVE THEM, thanks so much, Em!
 ^^ My sweet nephew chunker baby boy, Asher. I love him. I love love love him! LOOK AT THOSE LEG ROLLS!
^^ Of course, no gift could top the time we got to skype my family and brother, Elder Moser. This was his last Christmas in the mission field as a missionary for the church and I was super emotional about it! I wasn't expecting to cry, but we all did so it was pretty inevitable. He has grown sooo much and I can't wait to fly home next month to welcome him back from his 2 year long service to the Lord. What a wonderful Christmas we had. We are so blessed.


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