thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was spent with my family in the beautiful Bay Area! It was actually a lot colder than I expected but still beautiful. We had lots of fun during the much needed break from school.

We flew out on a Tuesday evening but the weekend before we left, we got to spend a few days up at Snowbird Ski + Summer resort where Zach's family has been going for years. I have loved going ever since my very first trip in October of 2013 when Zach invited me to go after I also went with the White family to Saint George for the Marathon (another tradition of theirs). That weekend was so exciting and fun but also very special to me because it was the first time Z told me he loved me! Very special. Here is my one photo from this past trip to Snowbird where we were very lazy + loved every minute of it!

When we got in Tuesday evening, we went out to eat and then went home. The next day was spent preparing for Thanksgiving which was at our house with many family members, so it was a busy day of shopping and cleaning. One thing I saw at the grocery store that I LOVED was the Wheaties cereal box which featured Stephen Curry, the Bay Areas current idol.

My ma and I bought these super cute (matching, too, but of course) $3 sock hats from Target and I LOVE mine. I wear it a ton. Also, no trip home is complete without snuggles from my favorite dog in the world, Bentley. This was before he got groomed but he's still the cutest.

And a couple shots from Thanksgiving day with my people. We love getting to see my parents and little brother, Mason. We only had a couple instances where we got to see/be with Matt before he left on his mission so, come January when we are all reunited, I CAN'T WAIT!

Friday night, we all went to the temple as a family to do Baptisms for the dead with Samuel because it was his first time! So special and wonderful to be in this place with my family. Especially, the Oakland temple! It was always be the most special to me, as I grew up going here + where Zach and I were sealed for time and all Eternity! The next couple days were filled with family time. Saturday morning we went on a hike with my older cousin, Brynn. I have always looked up to Brynn and love her so much. I was sooo happy to be able to do fun things with her while we were home.

It's crazy right now because after we graduate in the fall (August, due to some unforeseen circumstances) we don't know if we will be living here in Utah or in another state for schooling. We are feeling blessed, thankful + excited for the Holidays even if we don't know what next year will bring!


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