temple square

The Monday before Christmas, our group headed up to Salt Lake City to see the lights at Temple Square. It was a fun little trip up and back on the Frontrunner train, similar to the Bay Area's BART.

It was a fun little trip and I was happy to be able to stroll around the temple and see all the beautiful lights. We ate in the City Creek mall's food court at this super yummy sandwich place called Bocata. Zach ate there a lot when he was doing his internship at Zion's bank over the summer. I had heard so much about it that I was happy to finally see what all his raving was about! It was so worth the hype. Zach, Megan (Z's little sis) and I sat at this little 2 person table kinda away from the other table so we designated ourselves as the "kid table".

After eating, we made our way out to the beauty of the temple square. It was pretty busy as there were many people enjoying the lights. It was also very, very cold. At one point, it was like rain/sleeting and really windy so we were trying our hardest to stay warm and bundled up in our coats, scarves and sweaters!

I loved the beautiful nativity by the visitor's center and the moving picture displays inside it. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, love and gratitude for our Savior Jesus Christ + his life, example and sacrifice for us all. The pictures inside the visitor's center of Mary on the donkey and just after Christ's birth were so moving and beautiful to me. They really touched me and I am happy I was able to have a small spiritual experience that night as well as to be able to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.


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