christmas eve 2015

This year, we have spent our holiday season in Utah with Zach's family. Although I have missed my Moser/Autentico family, I have loved spending this time with the White family and have felt right at home. One tradition that carries over from my family to Zach's family, is the Christmas Eve PJ tradition which I was very happy about. When we were in California for Thanksgiving, my grandma + grandpa gave us our set of Christmas PJ's as we would not be with them. It was very kind of my grandma to think of us although we would not be with them for the Holidays. I love that sweet grandma of mine!! Anyway, one tradition in the White home is to have a big, fancy Christmas Eve dinner.

Though I didn't get any pictures of the food, it. Was. Amazing. Prime rib, linguini with shrimp, balsamic green beans and mushrooms, a salad that became my all-time favorite salad, fluffy rolls, delicious homemade juice and then lava cakes for dessert. I mean, it was something I would pay good money to experience again. Almost all of Zach's siblings + their families have been in town for the holidays (we've missed you, Bryan + Emily!) so it has been really fun when we are all together. Before dinner, we chatted, played with our nephews, and enjoyed one another's company.

One of our nephews, Simon, just turned 2 a week ago. He is so cute + fun to be around. We have loved our time with him as he + his family live on the East Coast while Z's brother, Phil, is completing a PhD in Statistics at Duke. We have missed them sorely and have really cherished our time with them. I love these shots I got of Simon that evening. Zach just adores Simon and follows him around like a lil puppy dog.

Post dinner, my jeans were feeling a bit snug and I was glad to hear my sis-in-law Anna relate to me on this subject. Zach got this cute shot of us. I love my sisters and feel so blessed to have their examples and friendships in my life!
After dinner, we all sat in the front room together while we listened to my father-in-law share a little Christmas message with us. Then, it was jammie time! Our jammies this year were SO cute. I seriously love mine and may or may not have worn them until this morning. Oops! The girls shirts say "Oh what fun" and have cute polar bears all over the bottoms while the boys got plaid bottoms and a cool mountain/geometric type top. Once we were decked out in our jammies, we listened to Monroe, Z's dad, read us Christmas books. Then the Justin/Anna White crew left to go home and go to sleep, those of us staying at the White's watched "Elf" before heading off to bed.


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