the year in review: 2015

I want you to know this isn't the typical "end of the year" blog post. It's just a little collection of my thoughts of our year. This past year, Z + I:
  •  Celebrated our anniversary of getting engaged (January)
  • Went on our first of, hopefully, many Valentine's weekend getaway (February)
  • Enjoyed many dates and a couple weddings (March)
  • Celebrated the first anniversary of our wedding date/family birthday (April)
  • Visited our family in Washington (May)
  • Ran a half marathon together (June)
  • Enjoyed our summer nights together and went to a few RSL games (July)
  • Visited my family in California + went to Yosemite for the first time (August)
  • Had (what we thought was) our last first day of school together and enjoyed the last of our outdoor dates (September)
  • Enjoyed the family tradition of homemade donuts on Halloween (October)
  • Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my family in the bay (November)
  • And have loved our Christmas here in Provo (December)
I wanted to recap our year, first, by thinking about just us and what our new family did. We had some pretty big milestones like completing our first year of marriage and starting another, visiting lots of family out of state and having visitors visit us, start our last year of school together and many other things. Right now in my life I consider the school year, the real year. My year starts in September and goes until the next August, then restarts all over again. Since this is my last year of school, I know that will be changing soon and I'm really, pretty excited for it. Here are the other photos from our year I wanted to share, enjoy + bring it on, 2016! I have a feeling this year, will be one to remember. 


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