pumpkin patch and a halloween party

Yesterday, we had probably one of the best saturdays we had had in a looong time. It was productive, yet relaxing and included a lot of really really great people.

It was Bonnie's, Zach's mom, birthday yesterday! Yay, Bonnie! We love her so much. We are both blessed with such incredible families. Although I didn't get any pictures from breakfast, we went over to Zach's parent's home and had a birthday breakfast for mom. We had her ultimate favorite, Eggs Benedict. I have to say, the White's do a lot of things right and Eggs Benedict is DEFINITELY one of them. Then we came home, I cleaned, Zach did homework and then I went to the gym. All good things.

I had been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch all October but figured it wouldn't happen until our good friends, The Valentine's, asked us if we wanted to go on a little day date to a pumpkin patch. Ummmm yes. Please. So we did! We went to Jaker's Pumpkin Patch in Springville, Utah and it was awesome! 
Here's us being really excited to go..

And some selfies before we left..

We made it! Lo and behold... Jaker's.

Not only did Jaker's have some yummy food trucks and pretty pumpkins, but they also had a great little petting zoo with a 700 pound pig, which we did NOT pet, and A BABY KANGAROO. Yes, you read that right. A darling little baby Kangaroo which we most definitely did pet. It (he/she?) was so soft and adorable.

We sure love our friends, Jake and Jessica. And of course baby Addison. They also happen to be our next door neighbors. We love hanging our with them, especially meals and particularly when they feed us because they are INCREDIBLE in the kitchen. Like, dang. 
The Valentine's!

Baby addison on the way to the pumpkin patch.. Isn't she so darling?!

Our turn and we look way to excited to take a picture with the cut out haha.

So much fun! It was everything I would hoped it would be and more! I mean, come on I got to pet a freakin' baby kangaroo for crying out loud. Check that one off the bucket-list! It was a great midday date and just a fun place to go. 

Later last night, we went to a Halloween party put on by one of Zach's good friends from High School and his wife, Jacob and Megan. We went to the party last year when Zach and I were getting more serious in our dating relationship. I was super nervous because it was totally like test. "Let's go to a Halloween party together as a date and you can meet all my friends from High School and not know anyone but me!" I mean, that's not actually how it went, but I totally didn't know anyone but Zach and felt nervous! 
Here we are at last years party as a Cowboy and an Indian
And here we are this year as High School Sweethearts circa 1980's
Special thanks to Bonnie and Monroe for lending us their Provo High letterman's for the evening and my mom for answering all my thousands of picture texts of what would look better for my outfit!
This year, though, was so so fun! I mean, so was last year but this year I knew more people and it was just such a fun party. Jacob and Megan are like pro hosts so needless to say the party rocked. We ate yummy food, played fun games and laughed A LOT.

Here is a pic of the whole group
Lots of so many fun and creative costumes, right?!
Here is a picture of Corbin, another of Zach's good friends, and I awkwardly between other photo ops...

And Corbin's girlfriend, Jenna, who also happens to be one of my favorite people/good friend

Then we played Murder in the Dark towards the end of the party and with the number of people and size of Megan's parents house, it ended up going for a few hours. So when Zach and I, being incredibly lame/already old married couple having an early bedtime, got home at 12:30 we crashed after having such a fun and long day. 
Today, Sunday the 26th of October, is our 6 month-iversary of marriage! Yay for us! It truly has been blissful. Hard at times and you learn a lot, but blissful nonetheless. Thanks, Zach, for marrying me and for still being married to me. Love you!

Like I said, it was quite the day and really quite a wonderful weekend. It is the first weekend in a very long time I am not dreading tomorrow because of how good and long this weekend felt. I mean, yeah I'm still sad tomorrow is Monday but not nearly as much as I normally am. So, here is to tomorrow and a great last week of October! (still can't believe that!)


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