take #onemillion

Every time I'm feeling good and up to it, I decide that a blog is a good idea. And every time I put that "good idea" into motion and create a blog it gets love for like... 5 days and disappears from my radar until I decide it's a good idea again.

Since I got married, there have been 3.. At least. The reason I love blogging so much (or enough to keep making, deleting and making them again) is because I love looking at others' blogs. Love it. I think it is so fun! I especially like my sister-in-law Laurel's blog and my sister-in-law Emily's blog. They are both so cute and fun to look at, especially since Zach and I have the cutest nieces and nephews. Another great reason to blog is because it is like keeping an online (not too personal) journal and I would love to have a record of these special times, photos and memories I am making.

Anyway, here goes take a million in the blog scene and here's hoping I keep up with this little project of mine.



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