grateful for zach

Scrolling through my Facebook feed (a not-so-rare occurrence), I saw then proceeded to read an article about domestic abuse and a man beating his wife. It made me sad yet at the same time so grateful for my incredible husband.

He gives me the best hugs (and I love a good hug), makes me laugh all the time, and puts up with my occasional.. okay regular craziness/emotional breakdowns. I feel so grateful that he is my husband and best friend. It makes life so much fun. Here are 5 (of, like, innumerable) reasons why I love and am grateful for my Zachary Monroe.

1. He loves to go out to eat/try eating new things as much as I do and, boy, do we have fun eating together.

2. He tells me he loves me at least 100 times a day and I know there are people out there that think that if someone says they love you so much it looses meaning and becomes just something to say and not mean and blah blah blah... Well, I beg to differ. Every time he says it, I can just tell he means it and it means the world to me.

3. Whenever I am with him he always sees at least one person he knows when we are on campus. Seriously, the day I met him, I also met several other people that he knew because we ran into them. He is just so good at making friends with people and never forgets a face. 

4. He is so funny. So. Funny. We are always laughing together and it's such a blast to be around him. It is especially meaningful that he can make me laugh when I am about to or am crying, which is amazing. 

 5. He is a worthy Priesthood holder and can take me to the temple regularly. He is always wiling to give me a blessing when I need one. He is the first to suggest reading the scriptures/pray about it/ go to the temple and ponder it when I need the suggestion. He is always in tune with and listening to the Spirit. He blesses my life for many reasons, this being near the top of the list.

Zach, Zachykins, hubsand... I love you so so much. You mean the world to me and not a day goes by where I don't find more reasons to love you. Thank you for all you do for me and our little family. You are loved.


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