monday blues

Mondays are so hard. And I mean like HARD hard. I am a passionate advocate and lover of the weekends, so on Sunday night when the weekend is coming to an end and Monday has to steal back the week I get the dreaded "Monday Blues". This past weekend was a much needed, chill and relaxed weekend.
Zach and I got to go over to Phlaurel's house, Zach's brother Phil and his wife Laurel use that name combination frequently, to babysit our beloved nephew Simon.

I just adore the little Si guy. When I met Phil and Laurel, shortly after meeting Zach, she was pregnant with Simon so he is the first nephew/niece that I have known his whole life, which I think is pretty dang special. Anyways, so babysitting him was a blast. We were all a little worried because he went down for a nap when mom and dad left and since his "stranger danger" phase has come in full swing, we prepared for the worst. He did cry a little when he first woke up but then was a gem the rest of the time. When Phlaurel got back, we decided to go out to eat together (an activity Zach and I enjoy very much) to Thai Kitchen.

(This was the clearest photo we got... obviously not the cutest but it wasn't blurry so...)

The lighting was dim which is why the pictures are not the best of quality, but it was such a fun date. And yummy, too! Then Zach and I went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy (my favorite) to get some cakebites, then to RedBox to get "The Fault In Our Stars" and "Godzilla" before heading over to Zach's parents house. Zach and Monroe, Zach's dad watched the Real Salt Lake soccer game while I cried my eyes out (yes, even though I read the book and knew what would happen) while watching TFIOS. 
We slept in, got up a little late and Zach went on a run while I straightened the house and started some dishes. I love surprising him with a clean house and other fun things. It makes me happy. We then worked on homework, ate donuts from Day's and enjoyed each others company. We went back over to Mom & Dad's to do laundry and continue to work on homework. It was a relaxing day, which is just what we both needed. Later that evening I attended a good friends bridal shower (love you Ems!) and Zach went to the sad, sad BYU homecoming football game.
Of course, more sleeping in occurred Sunday morning especially since our church starts at 12:30. Zach made breakfast (love when he does that) then we went to church. We LOVE our ward. So many wonderful people, SO many cute babies. Zach taught Sunday School where we discussed Jesus Christ and all the amazing things he has done, and continues to do, for us. In Relief Society, we talked about Temples and family history work. It was a wonderful day to be at church. Dinner at Mom & Dad's was super yummy but all packaged, General Tsao's Chicken, Pot Stickers, Egg Rolls, etc., because Bonnie, Zach's mom, was in Seattle with Megan, Zach's sister for their fall break. It was delightful.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. Even if the weekends are all just too short.
Although that long, too-detailed account of our weekend may not have been so much for you as it was for me, thanks for reading (or looking at pictures).


  1. KENZIE!! I love you. I love this blog. I can't wait to read more! :)


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