hobble creek half

When I met Zach and we got to know each other a little better, I came to understand (and learn to deal with) his love for running. I have always hated hated HATED running because it was always punishment for the sports that I loved playing.
Anyways, a little over a year ago as Zach and I became more serious in our dating he invited me to go down to St. George with his family, where we would meet up with his older brother, Justin, and his family, to support Justin in running the Saint George Marathon. It was such a FUN trip but Zach, his mom and I ran to the finish line from the condo we were staying at and although it was only about 3 miles I WAS DYING. Like really having a tough time. I was sore shortly after running and the entire next day. It was rough. 
After that, I sort of tried to start running more and then we got engaged and that plan got put on the back burner. Then Bonnie, Zach's mom, paid for Zach and I to run the Hobble Creek Half Marathon as part of our wedding gift... So I had to start running again. And man, was it tough. Some of my favorite hours of the day are when it is the morning right before you have to get up and the sun is starting to shine through the blinds and the morning is quiet... Yeah I love that. So it was always hard for me to want to ruin that and get up to run, of all things. So yeah it was hard but after about a month, the running got easier. I could run two miles without dry heaving and wanting to cry at the end which was tooootally an improvement. 
Race day came and I was pretty excited to run. I had trained the majority of the time with my sis-in-law, Anna, but she got sick about a month before the race so I had to train and run pretty much the whole race myself. Which was okay because I had some pretty sick tunes (One Direction added a lot to my running playlist) and the scenery was beautiful. But the race was still hard, especially because I ran it faster than I normally did while training which I am pretty sure was excitement and adrenaline. Once I finished, I was so dead tired. I seriously did not want to run again. Ever. But seeing my sweet husband at the finish line was so rewarding that I was grateful I did it. 
I haven't run in about two months... But I want to again. And this time I want to try for a full marathon. The big 26.2... Am I crazy? Probably. 


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