orem high school + my coaching internship

I couldn't let myself finish out the week without posting a little tribute to my Orem High volleyball girls. For my major, I am required to do a coaching internship in the sport of my choosing. Since I have the most experience play volleyball + to this day continue to love it, I chose volleyball. Initially, I was set up with a high school in Springville and was really excited about it! They had a successful program and seemed excited to have myself and the other intern. However, through an unfortunate series of events, it was decided that because of my school schedule it would be best I find another school. Although I was a bit sad, I felt good about the decision made for me to leave. My awesome internship supervisor helped me find a spot at Orem High School and I started soon thereafter.

There were times I was nervous that the girls didn't like me or that the coaches were annoyed by my constant asking of questions, but I always enjoyed my time there. The head coach, Nat, became more than just someone I was shadowing for school but someone I could talk to and truly look up to. The other coaches were also super awesome and I loved being able to shadow them. The girls in that program are some of the most awesome girls I have met! I think they are just so cool and hilarious and I will miss them dearly. Orem High Tigers, I love you!


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