happy halloween

Happy Halloween 2015!! Okay, so I'm a few days late! But still, I had to share a little something something about our day this year so here goes nothing. HALLOWEEN WAS GREAT! We ate donuts + candy and spent the whole day with family. You can't go wrong with that combination unless you get a tummy ache from all the sweets.

This year, we were SO lazy. No costumes until Friday night around 10 P.M. (thanks Target!) and they weren't even costumes... They were onesie pajamas. Hey, we were lucky they weren't just sweats! Zach was Darth Vadar and I was a wookie-woman. So, so comfy!

 ^^ Sworn enemies but still can't keep straight/mad faces for a pic // Zach cuddling sweet Asher boy!

Our sister-in-law, Laurel, came out on Halloween until tomorrow for her friends wedding so we got to see her and sweet baby Asher for a bit while she was here. We sure love those Phil White babies! They are the cutest boys and we love them a whole lot.

^^ And of course, the donut goodness. Last year was my first year helping with this tradition and I loved getting to help my awesome mother-in-law a bit again this year. She rocks!


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