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Home home home home!! I was SO excited to be able to go home for a week + spend some time with my family. It was weird without my Z + it made me really realize how much better he makes my life. But I also had a lot of fun! Right when I arrive into Oakland, my grandparents + mama picked me up and we made our way to Monterey for a little overnighter. While we were out, I found this sweet Darth Vader shirt and HAD to get it. Why? Star Wars is kind of Z's + my thing. I had never seen it and Zach just couldn't have that so our first date included watching the first 2 (chronologically) Star Wars movies. Ever since then, we've had an extra soft spot in our hearts for the classic movies + when I see Star Wars stuff, of course, I have to get it. Ask Z how many Star Wars things he has from me. Lots.
^^ So naturally I have to take a selfie to send Z ^^

 We had such a fun little trip together and I feel so grateful to have these people as my family. I love them so much. It was great being able to spend a little time with them in such a beautiful place. We then went home + I got to see 2/3 of my Moser boys!! My not-so-baby brother Mason and my dad are some of my most favorite people. They would be on the list of my favorite people even if they weren't my family! I loved getting to spend time with them.

One of the best reasons I was home when I was is because one of my very best friends since high school GOT BAPTIZED! Ahhhh, I still can't believe it! Cassie + I met through Hairspray! the musical during my senior year of high school. She's the happiest, sweetest, most awesome gal + we became friends very quickly. Though we lost frequent contact, we remained good friends over the years. Recently, Cassie + I came into frequent contact again and I learned of her going to church. She then took the discussions and was baptized last Saturday, May 30th. I am so so happy for this woman and her decision to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ to be baptized. This decision will bring her the greatest happiness she has ever known + I look forward to seeing her bright future unfold. 

Cassie will be coming out to visit us a week from tomorrow and I am so stoked! We are going to have such a blast together and I am sooo excited to show her (sell her on moving to) Provo! Of course, my wonderful week home had to come to a close sometime + I was so happy to get back to my Zachary. This was only our second long stretch of time away from each other + although we did better, I still missed him like crazy. We went to dinner when he picked me up to JCW's and he lovingly agreed to me snapping a quick picture of him. We were excited to be back with each other!
I've had a lot of fun during this break before school starts but two weeks from tomorrow I will start summer term so I will be squeezing in a few last adventures + I promise to keep you posted. ;)


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