Emerson's First Birthday

This is over a month late! And I'm even really happily surprised I am finding a minute to do it today, ha. I guess that' mom life for ya.

Anyway, our pride and joy turned ONE last month!! Emerson Lyn White is the sweetest and cutest little lady. We love her so much. She loved eating her cake and spending time with the ones she loves!! It was such a fun day but I also got a little choked up sometimes.

It's funny, before I had my own child I would hear different perspectives from parents on their children growing up. Some couldn't wait to get out of the "baby stage" and some cried over their baby growing up... I was a little of both. I am obviously thrilled she is growing up to be so fun and cute! Watching her learn things and start walking more gives my hard days meaning and light. But it's also sad to see just how fast it all goes. "Don't blink!" they say. Well, "they" are right. Don't blink, because it goes so. Dang. Fast.

Emerson is the light of our life. Here are some of our favorite things she does:

  • She is into giving everyone a big, fat (slobbery) kiss on the lips
  • Plays with her hair
  • Is walking a lot more often now!
  • Loves chasing her cousins and being held by her Uncle Phil and Aunt Laurel
  • Eating lots of food (seriously, like way more than I'm expecting every meal), some of her favorites include whole apples that she holds herself, Costco mini quiche, yogurt, graham crackers, applesauce, pirate's booty. Some of her dislikes include milk (will gag if she drinks it), chicken sometimes
  • If her food is too hot, she will spit it all out immediately and shake her head
  • Reads all her books everyday and over and over
  • Is a rockstar at sleeping at night, we put her down and she rolls right over and goes to sleep
  • Holds the phone up to her ear and pretends to talk on it
  • Can say "mama", "dada" and "papa". She also says a word that sounds suspiciously like "sh*t"
  • She signs please but usually only when food is involved and only when she wants more!
  • She can clap but only waves and blows kisses when she's really feeling like it
  • She likes to go up the stairs like a big girl but definitely needs hand holding to do that
  • She still sucks her thumb often, not only when she's sleepy, but in the past few days already has been doing it a little less
Anyway, we enjoyed a little party with family and a few close friends in our tiny town home eating pizza and cake and then watching Emerson demolish her cake. Her are some photos from our fun day.


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