zach visits duke

When I first met my love, I was studying Special Education + he was studying Neuroscience. Though I loved Special Ed, I wanted to explore other things and changed my major to Physical Education. Zach shortly after I switched majors, switched his to Statistics. I love P.E. and he loves Stats. And I honestly couldn't imagine our lives any different.

Zachary wants to go onto get a Master's and PhD in Statistics (which sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me, personally) and recently had his first interview at Duke University for their PhD program. For a while, our plan was to do the Master's here at BYU then apply to PhD schools later. This would be in about 2 years after he completed the Master's; however, Zach's older brother Phil is currently doing the PhD program at Duke and encouraged Zach to just apply. I mean, why not right? So, he applied to Duke's PhD and shortly after applying was invited to visit! WHAT! We were sooo excited to hear back from them for him to visit. With most PhD programs, you are accepted to the program and then invited to visit. Whereas with Duke, you are invited to visit (they "wine + dine" you) and then they decide whether you would be an asset to their program.

Zach's visit went great and we feel good with whatever the outcome may be. He got to meet lots of wonderful people and loves the faculty. Not only that, he got to spend some time with our nephews that we just adore. I'm glad he had such a great trip and love these pictures my sis-in-law, Laurel, sent me from Z's weekend out there. Oh, and he also ate lots of yummy food (I was super jealous!) of which he sent me pictures to make me extra jealous. It worked.


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